“Nothing beats paint for stopping time cold.”—Olivia Laing

I come to painting from a background in portraiture, printmaking and film, and elements of all three come through in my work. With figurative paintings I hope to distill an emotional experience to its barest representation, conveying a sense of mood and personality while also hinting at an implied narrative. I’m interested in the way our bodies, gestures, and expressions can telegraph meaning so eloquently.

In paintings without a figure, a human presence is felt nevertheless, in landscapes viewed through the distorting lens of time. There is an urgency to our memories of exquisite vistas and sublime sunsets as we sense the splendor of the natural world slipping away. The process of making these paintings is a meditation for me, on change, celebration, loss, and the touchingly human but futile attempt to hold onto a particular moment in time.

Kate True CV

Photo by Feda Eid